Use those apps and devices professionally and responsibly

Walk along the sidewalk, walk into your favorite grocery store or coffee bar, and what are most folks doing? Perhaps you’re one of them, but most folks, these days, have all found the same something to preoccupy themselves with, necessitating the need to bend their heads submissively and never look away from the bright glare of their mobile device’s touch screens.

Let’s just say you’re one of those who’ve been out of town for many years, perhaps living in a jungle somewhere, you’d have to ask, what the heck are all these folks doing, and all at the same time too? Apparently, this new device staves off boredom. Now, before the age of smart phones and apps, whatever did folks do before?

And when last did you ever see someone on the tube reading the daily or a book, for that matter? Chances are these noble pursuits are a rare occurrence when they happen. But a good argument, a positive one too, put to those of you who’ve just returned from the jungle, is that the thousands of mobile operators are doing constructive and useful things with their lives.

In this busy day and age, smart phones are handy time saving devices. Instead of doing tasks you would normally reserve for the office terminal, like paying some of your bills on time, you can now do this while you’re waiting for the next train. You have exams coming up too. So, to save time while in transit you’re busy downloading research material for your dissertation which you can use later at home.